History of the Humic Acid

Unexpectedly good documentation is available worldwide on the therapeutic value of humic substances. More and more experimental results have been rapidly published in the past few years in the literature. 


The first reports stem from the Chinese Ming dynasty ruling in the 15th century (!). At that time, a famous doctor Li Shi Chen used “Wujinsan” i.e. golden medicine containing humic and fulvic acid for the contagious and ulcerous tumors and female veins. So their anti-inflammatory and haematopoietic effect was already known at that time.

Endemic diseases were successfully cured with humic acids in Chinese hospitals in the 1970s. In eye clinics of hospitals ulcerous corneal infections were treated with eyedrops and injections containing humic acid with 94% success rate.

Humic acid was successfully applied in the ulcerous infection of the large intestine, gastric haemorrhage, ulcerous diseases of the stomach and the duodenum.

Due to the results of clinical studies, the Chinese government urged and supported the development and marketing of preparations containing humic and fulvic acid. These are widely used by Chinese doctors to reduce inflammation, improve circulation, control the immune and hormonal systems and cure digestive system diseases. It was also shown by Chinese clinical studies that in the case of elder patients (aged 60-90) treated with humic acid, significantly improved appetite, better sleeping and higher energy level could be observed.

According to Indian studies, humic acid hinders and slows down ageing processes. How does humic acid rejuvenate? Cells are electrically charged which is decreasing during the passing years. Consequently, the volume of the cells is gradually decreasing, the cells shrink and grow smaller, and therefore we are getting wrinkled and smaller. Humic acid increases the electric potential of cells, accordingly they regain their original volume and the whole body is rejuvenating.

Germany was one of the first European countries to recognize the marvelous application of humic substances in medicine. At first, patients could enjoy the wonderful curative effect of humic acid mainly during balneotherapy (spas). Beside the successful treatment of rheumatic diseases and locomotor disorders, e.g. arthritis, rapid and considerable improvement was also reached internally, in the case of stomach problems, hyperacidity, gastric ulcer and gastric mucosa inflammation.

During internal intake, humic acids play an extremely important role, especially in the prevention of metabolic problems and the elimination of gastrointestinal problems, but they can be used for general detoxification (heavy metal excretion), as well as against bacterial and viral infections. They proved to be very useful for the treatment of anemia, stimulation of the immune system and detoxification of the liver.

 From the beginning of the 1990s, research were carried out on the physiological effect of humic acids in our country. These confirmed and supplemented the results found in international literature. Excellent results were reached especially in the „popular” diseases, such as allergies, Candida infections and heavy metal load.