“Iron deficiency is a serious problem, especially in women in case of menstrual disorders. During pregnancy iron supplement is absolutely essential, also for the healthy fetal development. In case of children and elder people, we also have to be cautious about iron deficiency. Based on my 20-year experience, I can say: “Humicin® iron preparation is a very safe product which can be easily tolerated. In case of iron deficiency, it is a reassuring therapeutic response for every practitioner.” Dr Szolnoki


“The application of Humicin® for years in holistic dentistry proves its essential detoxification effect in the excretion of heavy metals. Experience has shown that it detoxifies the intestines from heavy metals (mercury, lead, cadmium), other environmental contaminations (DDT and other pesticides) and radioactive substances (caesium, strontium). Additionally, it helps in the removal of pharmaceutical residues. It stimulates the immune system, meanwhile it reminalizes the body. No side-effects can be experienced even if it is taken for years. Humicin® is a well-tolerated dietary supplement; I have not experienced any allergic reaction so far. It is important that it cannot be overdosed, so I safely recommend its application without side effects in the long run for my patients even after their recovery as a form of prevention in this modern polluted world. It provides the body continuously with minerals, while it absorbs everyday toxics like a sponge. It should also be mentioned that it helps establish and maintain the acid-base balance.” Dr. Emília Rippel - dentist

I have been suffering from SM (sclerosis multiplex) for several years. Unfortunately, it is an incurable, irreversible disease with continuously worsening symptoms. I have been regularly taking Humicin® capsules with microelements for 10 years, and as a result, my condition deteriorates much slower and less than it was predicted. My neurologist says it is a MIRACLE! Thanks Humicin! Mrs J. Sz.


I have recently had a bilateral ankle fracture. I was operated on immediately, and my ankle was fixed with screws. I “relaxed” wearing a non-weight bearing cast, then a walking cast for weeks. During that time I took Humicin® Iron capsules, then capsules with microelements. After the cast removal during the X-ray examination my doctor appreciatively observed that my bones had healed surprisingly fast and perfectly. /Gábor G./


I had severe pain in my joints for years, especially in my knees and lower back. Arthritis made it harder not only to work but also to do my daily routine activities. In the mornings I had difficulty with getting out of bed, bending down and straightening up again, etc. Then I found Humicin and after taking 2 boxes of Selenium capsules and 1 box of Nature capsules, the pain in my joint vanished. Since then I could jump over even the fence. (László M., 65-year-old pensioner)


I have Crohn’s disease and I constantly had problems. I took Imuran and steroids but I have been using Humicin for a year, so I could stop taking these medicines and my problems disappeared. I am under medical control. (dentist)


I have Crohn’s disease. I have been taking the Humicin iron preparation for a year. Finally, I managed to establish a normal iron and haemoglobin value, and my disease has been in a stable and good condition ever since. I am under regular medical control. (computer scientist)


As a sign of a mild nervous exhaustion, low iron level was diagnosed; we reached a normal level by taking 3-month dose of Humicin with iron and this level has been maintained ever since.  (T.M.V.)


I already don’t know where I have entered this comment: maybe to one of the topics about the iron capsule. My experience is surprising, but true! It’s not a made-up story, it really happened: a few years ago one of the young women living in my street spontaneously offered me a foot massage. I had never been given one before. At first, it really hurt but then it became very pleasant. It improved my well-being so much that for days it felt like not walking on the ground. I’m a heavy smoker. I bought a general detoxicating Humicin and another one recommended for smokers. The woman gave me a foot massage many times, and it always started with me jumping in pain. Once the woman came, started massaging my foot carefully to avoid me kicking her by accident. There was no pain, no jumping. She was wondering what happened. I myself didn’t understand it. Then I remembered: the Humicin! By that time, I had already taken half a box. I don’t know this one with iron but the other Humicin products really convinced me. Its manufacturer was the producer of Humet R, that was developed. Hugely. E.g. the capsule form of humic acid is a Hungarian patent. Another interesting fact and/or question: during the initial painful massages the woman’s fingers became jet-black. Somebody said that it had happened because the toxin had been removed by massage. Can it really happen? After taking Humicin it terminated.


I was diagnosed with heavy metal load due to traffic. It resulted in hair loss and nail degradation that I have been experiencing for over a decade. I have tried many cures over this period without any success. Once I was given a magazine named EZOPORTA where I read about the Humicin capsule for the first time, saying that it excretes heavy metals from the body. I immediately bought it and started to take it. After taking it for one and a half months I realized that my nails had started to grow and became nicer and nicer, now I can even varnish them. Unfortunately, I stopped taking it after two months and my problems were back again. After a couple of months I began taking it again, the healing process returns and I won’t stop it again. (É.L.)