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Humicin® Ferrous capsule

Dietary supplement capsule with iron and natural humic and fulvic acid (60 capsules)

Iron is an essential microelement which cannot be produced by our body; therefore it has to be supplied externally through nutrition. However, the absorption and bioavailability of iron is extremely bad; with food (e.g. meat, liver, egg, sorrel, spinach, legumes, nuts, etc.) only a fraction of the iron intake gets into the blood. Accordingly, it is important to supply the iron quantity necessary for the operation of our body from other, external sources.

Daily iron requirement:

14-15 mg
Children aged 1-7:
8 mg
Children aged 7-10:

10 mg

Children above 10 and young adults:
12-15 mg
Elder people: 
10 mg
Pregnant women:
30 mg (!)
Breastfeeding mothers: 
20 mg (!)

Iron absorption is enhanced by vitamin C, B-12, zinc, and copper

Iron absorption is hindered by coffee, tea, smoking and excessive fiber intake

Iron plays a multifunctional role in the human body:

  • it is needed for red blood cell production
  • it is needed for oxygen transport
  • it is essential for growth
  • it increases the resistance of the body
  • it is needed for regeneration
  • it is a component of essential enzymes, etc.

What causes iron deficiency?

  • insufficient iron intake that is slower than the needed quantity
  • iron malabsorption
  • increased iron requirement: growth, pregnancy, breastfeeding, blood loss and menstruation
  • vegetarian diet

Symptoms of iron deficiency:

  • dull, pale skin
  • dry skin
  • broken nails
  • hair loss, dull hair
  • gingivitis
  • tendency to infections (e.g appearance of aphthous stomatitis)
  • fatigue, exhaustion
  • frequent headache, disturbed concentration
  • lack of appetite
  • anemia
  • irritation
  • coldness, etc.


Due to its chelating property, the natural humic acid content of Humicin® Iron capsule enhances the utilization of the added iron and its better absorption into the body. The chelating molecules “grab onto” the metallic ions; this way they save them from the acids and enzymes located in the gastrointestinal tract and other substances found in the food which would lead to their slight or non-absorption.


Dosage of Humicin® Iron capsule:

  • For adults: 2 capsules/day
  • For children above  3: 1 capsule/day

Nutrient/active ingredient content: 10mg iron, 40mg humic and fulvic acid / 2 capsules (daily dose)

The capsules should be taken by themselves, dissolved in the mouth or swallowed with plenty of fluids. As far as possible, take in the capsules with juice or mineral water, not with chlorinated tap water.

It should be taken as a course.  One course lasts for 3 months (3 boxes).

The Humicin® Iron dietary supplement capsule:

  • is gluten-free
  • is soy-free
  • is free of isolated sugar
  • does not contain artificial colorants, flavorings and preservatives
  • contains trace elements (iron) in natural, organic form

Important information: do not take Humicin® capsules together with other minerals and trace element preparations, but 2 hours before or after them.


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If you buy a whole course of 3 boxes, the THIRD box is only EUR22.00
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