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Humicin® Multimineral capsule

Dietary supplement with magnesium, iron, zinc, copper, selenium, chrome and natural humic and fulvic acid (60 capsules)

The optimal concentration of vitamins, minerals and trace elements is needed in the human body to ensure physical, psychic and mental well-being. So the reason for every problem, disease and malformation must be sought in the lack of minerals, microelements and vitamins. This idea was formulated by two-time Nobel Prize winner Dr Linus Pauling American chemist of German origin in the 1960s who established orthomolecular medicine.

Unfortunately, nowadays our nourishment no longer contains the minerals and trace elements essential for our body in the adequate quantity, due to the totally depleted and low-quality soil and fertilization. 

Additionally, our bad habits, e.g. smoking can accelerate the elimination of certain trace elements from the body. Food processing (cooking, conservation) negatively affects the biological utilization of numerous trace elements.

Therefore deficiencies develop in the body which have to be supplied to ensure the proper operation of our body. However, it matters which source the deficiencies are supplied from. The main purpose would be to take in the minerals and trace elements organically, thus similarly to the original intake as this is the best way to utilize them. This process is catalyzed by humic acid.

Humic acids have complexing properties; they bond to metallic ions in a way that they cannot react with any other substances.  They grab onto metallic ions with chelating bonding (chelate is derived from Greek chele, meaning claw) similarly to the way a crab grabs objects with its claw. This way they save metallic ions from the acids and enzymes located in the gastrointestinal tract and other substances found in the food which would lead to their slight or non-absorption.

To whom and why is it recommended to use Humicin® capsule with macro- and microelements?

  • in case of deficiencies, for macro- and microelement supplement
  • during recovery after long-term diseases and surgeries as a general roborating and strengthening substance in order to regain physical fitness
  • for athletes and people doing hard physical work in order to increase stamina
  • for regaining and increasing vigor and vitality
  • for health care
  • for the prevention of diseases

Dosage of Humicin® capsule with macro- and microelements:

For adults: 2 capsules/day

Nutrient/active ingredient content: 210mg magnesium, 10mg iron, 7mg zinc, 700µg copper, 40µg selenium, 30µg chrome, 40mg humic and fulvic acid / 2 capsules (daily dose)

The capsules should be taken by themselves, dissolved in the mouth or swallowed with plenty of fluids. As far as possible, take in the capsules with juice or mineral water, not with chlorinated tap water.

It should be taken as a course. One course lasts for 3 months (3 boxes).

The Humicin® dietary supplement capsule with macro- and microelements:

  • is gluten-free
  • is soy-free
  • is free of isolated sugar
  • does not contain artificial colorants, flavorings, and preservatives
  •  contains macro- and microelements in natural, organic form

Important information: do not take Humicin® capsules together with other minerals and trace element preparations, but 2 hours before or after them.


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If you buy a whole course of 3 boxes, the THIRD box is only EUR22.00
Do you know that

that it is not enough to take the vitamins, microelements and trace elements into our body, but we also have to ensure their absorption in the proper way and to the sufficient extent? Only the perfectly utilized and absorbed minerals can help the healthy operation of our body.