What is humic acid? Where does this precious substance derive from?

HUMIC ACID is a wonderful gift of nature. It is on the right track to become the healing miracle of the 21st century.

Humic substances are produced over thousand years of the decomposition process of plant biomass during plant humification. The family of humic substances includes the biologically active and highly valuable humic and fulvic acids which contain at least 70 types of minerals that can be absorbed in biologically usable forms. These organic macromolecules with long molecule chains and unique properties can be obtained from the peat formed from the homogenous Carboniferous vegetation.

We are proud to say that one of the best-quality and purest humic substance deposits in the world can be found in Hungary. The active ingredient of Humicin® dietary supplement product group is also produced from peat with such an excellent characteristic. This c. 10000-year-old peat field – unlike other fields in the world – is located in a volcanic environment deeply under the surface of the earth. Therefore it is incredibly pure, free of superficial contamination typical of peat fields and its humic acid content is extremely high. Humic acid is extracted from the peat by a gentle active ingredient extraction technology, and the Humicin® capsules are produced with a new, patented manufacturing technology.

But why do we need dietary supplements with humic acid content?

The optimal concentration of vitamins, minerals and trace elements is needed in the human body to ensure physical, psychic and mental well-being. So the reason for every problem, disease and malformation must be sought in the lack of minerals, microelements and vitamins. This idea was formulated by two-time Nobel Prize winner Dr Linus Pauling American chemist of German origin in the 1960s who established orthomolecular medicine.

Unfortunately, nowadays our food no longer contains the minerals and trace elements essential for our body in the adequate quantity, due to the totally depleted and low-quality soil and fertilization.  It can be scientifically proved that our cereals, cereal-based food, vegetables and fruits contain only a fraction of their previous vitamin and microelement content. It is also true for our food of animal origin as less and less minerals are getting into the animals’ body with the cereals, and therefore into their meat. Microelement deficiency also appears in the human body at the top of the food chain.

Additionally, our bad habits, e.g. smoking can accelerate the elimination of certain trace elements from the body.  Food processing (cooking, conservation) negatively affects the biological utilization of numerous trace elements.

Therefore deficiencies develop in the body which have to be supplied to ensure the proper operation of our body. However, it matters which source the deficiencies are supplied from. The main purpose would be to take in the minerals and trace elements organically, thus similarly to the original intake as this is the best way to utilize them.  This process is catalyzed by HUMIC ACID.



Humic acids have complexing properties; they bond to metallic ions in a way that they cannot react with any other substances. They grab onto metallic ions with chelate bonding (chelate is derived from Greek chele, meaning claw) similarly to the way a crab grabs objects with its claw. This way they save metallic ions from the acids and enzymes located in the gastrointestinal tract and other substances found in food which would lead to their slight or non-absorption.

As a result of the positive effect of HUMIC ACIDS, macro- and microelements and trace elements (e.g. magnesium, iron, chrome, zinc, copper and selenium) can be absorbed and utilized in the body in the adequate form and to the sufficient extent.

HUMIC ACIDS themselves have beneficial effects; studying them is a dynamically developing field of health sciences.

The beneficial effects of humic and fulvic acids on the body: 

- immune strengthening and stimulating effect

- anti-allergic effect

- antibacterial and antiviral effect (“natural antibiotic”)

- liver-regenerating effect

- anti-inflammatory effect

- red blood cell increasing effect

- protection against radiation exposure, regeneration of the haematopoietic system (recommended as a supplementary therapy to radiation therapy)

- strengthening the skin’s natural protection against UV radiation

- rapid improvement in case of rheumatic pain and arthritis

- regular daily consumption has general energizing and disease prevention effect

- excreting HEAVY METALS (e.g. mercury, cadmium, cobalt and lead) accumulated in the body due to their chelating property

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- due to the metal binding ability of humic acids, the essential macro- and microelements (magnesium, iron, selenium, chrome, zinc and copper) are ingested into the body in an organic form, improving their absorption and utilization

see: Humicin® Iron capsule, Humicin® Selenium capsule, Humicin® Chrome capsule, Humicin® capsule with macro- and microelements


Source: Dr Richard J Laub MS, PhD, CChem, FRSC, professor at Ohio State University, then at San Diego State University; researcher


 Today’s modern people could hardly exist in their artificially established environment without this WONDERFUL GIFT OF NATURE if they want to live healthy, happy and long lives. The preparations of HUMICIN® product group help you realize these desires.