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Humicin® Selenium capsule

Dietary supplement capsule with selenium and natural humic and fulvic acid (60 capsules)

Selenium is an essential microelement which cannot be produced by our body; therefore it has to be supplied externally through nutrition. However, the selenium content of our food (e.g. wheat germ, wheat bran, alliaceous vegetables, tomato, broccoli, nut, variety meats, red meat, poultry, etc.) hugely depends on the selenium content of the soil where the plants grew or where the animals grazed. Unfortunately, the selenium content of the soil is very low in our country, which might account for the high number of deaths caused by heart attack.

Recommended daily dose of selenium:

70-80µg is recommended for adults, but according to many nutritionists, the optimal selenium consumption should be daily 100-200µg in the long run. A higher dose, but not exceeding 600µg, can be used only for shorter periods to treat virus infections and to cure cancer.

Recommended daily selenium dose for children: 15-20µg for children aged 1-6, 30-45µg for children aged 7-14 and 50µg for children above 15.

The effect of selenium is highly increased by vitamin E; therefore people with heart disease should consume food rich in vitamin E beside selenium supplement.


The role of selenium in the body:

Nowadays several researchers agree that it is one of the most effective curative substances and it is currently being examined as a potentially effective substance to cure cancer.

Selenium is essential for the following:

  • growth
  • fertility
  • liver functioning
  • hair and skin maintenance
  • proper functioning of neurons
  • eyesight
  • excretion of heavy metals, etc.
  • it slows down aging processes
  • it is an important antioxidant, it takes part in the protection system of the body and hinders the effects of free radicals causing harm to DNA-molecules
  • it is extremely essential in preventing cancer
  • it can reduce the risk of stroke and infarction as it prevents the formation of blood clots in the veins
  • it increases the rate of „good cholesterol”, that is HDL cholesterol at the expense of „bad” cholesterol, that is LDL-cholesterol
  • it helps the production of thyroid hormones (triiodothyronine)
  • it is necessary for the healthy operation of the immune system
  • it can be used for the alleviation of inflammation when combined with vitamin E
  • extreme selenium deficiency during pregnancy may lead to heart malformation or sudden infant death.

Symptoms of selenium deficiency:

  • increased risk of infection
  • baldness
  • bone malformation
  • myocardial degeneration
  • joint diseases
  • thyroid disorder, etc. 

The natural humic acid content of Humicin® Selenium capsule enhances the utilization of the added selenium and its better absorption into the body.

Dosage of Humicin® Selenium capsule:

For adults: 2 capsules/day

Nutrient/active ingredient content: 40µg selenium, 40mg humic and fulvic acid / 2 capsules (daily dose)

The capsules should be taken by themselves, dissolved in the mouth or swallowed with plenty of fluids. As far as possible, take in the capsules with juice or mineral water, not with chlorinated tap water.

It should be taken as a course.  One course lasts for 3 months (3 boxes).

The Humicin® Selenium dietary supplement capsule:

  • is gluten-free
  • is soy-free
  • is free of isolated sugar
  • does not contain artificial colorants, flavorings and preservatives
  • contains trace elements (selenium) in natural, organic form

Important information: do not take Humicin® capsules together with other minerals and trace element preparations, but 2 hours before or after them.


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